25 - I Have So Much to Say - Sara + Jessie

March 21, 2019

It was so special to have my soul sister Jessie on for our first guest spot on Hi Friend. Jessie and I have my favorite BFF meet-cute love story filled with synchronicities and overlap long before we met that we had the pleasure of sharing with you all, mixed with a peek into what our day-to-day conversations have evolved to (we've come a long way since bonding over 7 jeans), and how we help coach, guide and encourage each other through the ever-shifting and expansive realm we've found ourselves in. Jess shares a big life pivot that's been put in her path and how magic has infused the uncertain process, and I share my struggle with having an undefined career at the moment, forever questioning how to explain what it is I'm doing when presented with the question from strangers.

See the video I surprised Jess with during our episode, as well as where you can find her online (and trust me, you want to) over at hifriend.co.

24 - How I Use a Playlist to Change My Mood

March 14, 2019

The ability to quickly alter or up-level my mood by changing my thoughts or by knowing what activities or practices will get me there has been something I've been deeply intrigued by lately. I have created quite a personal list of things that get me into alignment (AKA my best and fullest self), and because I believe in the power of this concept so much, I love sharing what those different tools are for me. This episode is about a quick and easy way to change your mood or channel a specific emotion using a highly curated playlist - with examples of what's on mine, and how I use different categories of music to bring about a desired result. I hope you have fun with this one.

23 - Reframing Singleness

March 7, 2019

I've recently had a big shift in the way I view my singleness and this season of life, partially thanks to the clarity I've gained around how I envision my immediate future, and partially thanks to months worth of mindset shifts that have transformed the way I view myself, my dating life, and my status as a single person. So I sat down and spilled my heart on all the revelations and new beliefs that have made the biggest difference in my life around releasing attachments, fully letting go of the "how" someone will come my way, and embracing this season in a big and beautiful way.

22 - You Are Free To Enjoy This Life

February 28, 2019

Hi from Sara for the first solo episode of Hi Friend! In this episode I share the reason Kalee doesn't live down the street from me anymore, the story behind how "following my purpose" has led me on a winding yet surprisingly peaceful path, and the reasons I haven't totally freaked out after being somewhat job-less and without a clear direction even 10 months after leaving my career. I also give some sneak peeks of what topics are to come and what I hope you'll be able to take away from this podcast. Looking forward to hanging with you, friends.

21 - Welcome to Season 2

February 26, 2019

We're back with a brand new season and direction for Hi Friend! While this episode was recorded 6 months ago (we're aware of the dated references), the overview on where we're headed remains and we wanted to make sure we kicked this new chapter off with a check-in from both of us. So enjoy a mid-2018 update on our lives, and a peek into what's to come for both of us and this space.

20 - When You’re Too Busy Hustling to Date

May 18, 2018

Since it's been awhile (oops), we share some life updates about the exciting things filling our time these days and the realities of how pursuing your passions and dreams can sometimes leave little space for romantic relationships. We talk about helpful questions we've asked ourselves when determining where our current priorities lie, and allow ourselves to dream even bigger about the abundant and full lives that are possible for each of us.

19 - Stilllll Single

February 28, 2018

We hesitated having our next episode be about dating and relationships since we both have such little to report in that area these days, then realized that's exactly the part of it we'll choose to talk about. The waiting and the ways we're both choosing to view and hold that desire in our lives. We're hopeful there are parts of our journey in hoping and longing for good things that everyone can relate to, even if your hope isn't for a relationship. 

18 - Do Not Disturb

January 24, 2018

The discussions around needing to untether ourselves from our phones and social media are nothing new these days, we all know we're straight up addicted to the tiny dopamine hits all those notifications give us. And yet we're (statistically) the most anxious and unhappy we've ever been as a nation. So something has to change. This convo is full of confessions (anyone else used a friend's account to check an ex's story?) and helpful disciplines we've both put into practice to start moving towards a more present, full, and joy-filled life.

17 - Are You PMS-ing Right Now?

January 17, 2018

Organic tampons, menstrual cups, natural ways to fight cramps, removing shame around periods, and our general thoughts towards that time of the month. Not much is off the table in this conversation and though it should be pretty obvious by this point, males, you've been forewarned. 

16 - Do You Hear Me?

January 10, 2018

Whether it's a stranger at a bar, someone you just went on a first date with, or your serious significant other, everyone has the right to put boundaries in place around their bodies and what they're willing and wanting to do in any given moment. In light of the conversations happening around #MeToo, #TimesUp, and basic consent in relationships, we talk about listening to our bodies and speaking our truths to those we come in contact with and how we've successfully, and sometimes unsuccessfully navigated this in the past. Our hope is to empower and equip every woman (and man) to stand up for what their body needs and wants, and start normalizing these types of conversations.